Shoot Food

Shoot Food is an International production company based in Istanbul which focuses on the optimization of food and beverage brands through high quality table top commercial films and photography.

Founded in 2010 by food advertising producer Barney Fisher-Turner and SFX specialist/Industrial designer Arda Tuncman, Shoot Food has developed strong partnerships with two essential Istanbul based outfits; SFX company Studyo M and boutique VFX/Animation company 
Cherry Cherry TV. Our ability to provide high quality SFX and model making for the Middle East where these services are very rare is something we are particularly proud of. Our fully equipped design and testing studio is based in Istanbul and is part of the same site as our production house; we can provide customized mechanical rigs, SFX liquids, mock ups in any scale, animatronics, prosthetics, breakaway glass, 3D laser scanning, and 3D rapid prototyping. 

Shootfood is also working closely with world class Director/DOPs such as Ronald Koetzier, Pierre Barougier, David Wynn- Jones and Sergio Bosatra. For table top commercial films and photography projects in Turkey Shootfood boasts full production capability for table top in combination with live action projects; strong relationships with quality studios as well as the very best international and locally based technical freelancers, European food stylists and ice stylists, as well as art directors and production designers; carefully selected personnel and outfits who boast broad experience with big brand food advertising. For commercial standard high speed cameras we can offer either Phantom HD Gold or Phantom Flex

With Cherry Cherry TV we provide all of our own VFX, animation and general post production. 

We like to offer fair pricing whilst always protecting an essential core quality when it comes to technical ability, overall production strategy and adaptability to each consumer base. We work with highly creative people who offer contemporary insight as well as extensive experience and flexibility when it comes to food advertising. This level of know-how invariably leads to consistently positive results; perfectly executed films and photography that serve to heighten the appeal of each and every food brand from any culture. 

Simply put, we enjoy making food look delicious.

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